Our Local Markets

by Ben Moser

April 2017

The local markets really capture the community spirit of the areas and bring a great deal of joy to the people of Herne Hill and West Dulwich. Frequently buzzing, the markets can be enjoyed by a whole range of people and ages, making them the perfect places for family time, casual browsing, or strict bargain hunting. Many of our clients who have been new to either area, have quickly fallen in love with what the markets have to offer from the bustling atmosphere to the amazing deals. The markets also help to support local farmers, artisans, producers, and helps small independent business to grow.

West Dulwich Market: Everything you need to know.

About Dulwich Market

West Dulwich Market boasts a variety of offerings from fresh and locally grown fruit and veg, hot food and pies, juice, herbs, plants and freshly cut flowers, unpasteurised milk, free range and biodynamic eggs, poultry, meat and game, etc.

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Each of our gorgeous mallow flavours! ⭐️

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Where is Dulwich Market Located?

Dulwich is a wonderful area with a variety of green open parks such as Dulwich Park and Belair Park. Belair House is also a popular choice of wedding venue. Dulwich is actually home to the world’s first purpose-built art Gallery, The Dulwich Picture Gallery, which hosts art from the Old Masters through to contemporary British exhibitions. There is also a variety of delightful restaurants and cafés to suit any occasion, while the local schools have fantastic reputations and impressive Ofsted ratings. The Dulwich Market is located at the Dulwich Church of England Infant School, Turney Road junction with Dulwich Village, SE21 7BN.

What time does Dulwich Market open?

The Dulwich Market opens at 10am every Saturday and concludes at 2pm.


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Herne Hill Market: Everything you need to know.

About Herne Hill Market

Run by city and country farmers, the Herne Hill Market hosts more than 50 traders offering locally-produced foods, arts and crafts, bric-a-brac, and vintage clothing. With an on-site piano, the market’s atmosphere is teething with spirit and wonder.

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Where is Herne Hill Market Located?

Herne Hill is an area with much to offer including the Lido and Gym, the Herne Hill Velodrome, and a number of wonderful independent businesses. While Brockwell Park is a main attraction for Herne Hill, Sunray Gardens also offers a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle. As well as several acclaimed schools, Herne Hill also has many popular restaurants and cafés such as the award-winning Ollie’s Fish Experience, The Milkwood, The Blackbird Bakery, and the Café Provencal to name a few. The Herne Hill Market is held every Sunday at the Station in Station Square, Railton Road, SE24 0JN.

What time does Herne Hill Market open?

The Herne Hill market opens at 10am every Sunday and concludes at 4pm.

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Visiting the market? Don’t forget to send us your pics @petermans #HerneHillMarket


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